Le Wand is a high-end brand of female-founded personal vibrating massagers and accessories dedicated to promoting sexual wellness and overall pleasure.

Unlike your average massager, Le Wand embraces its multi-functionality with innovative new features and premium materials for a more luxurious experience, By improving upon a popular model that has long been neglected, Le Wand aims to embrace its role as a symbol of female sexuality.

Delivering intense sensual pleasure via a powerful rechargeable vibrating massager in a chic design, the sharp looking, modern wand has 10 distinctive vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns — from deep, rumbly sensations to high-speed vibes.

The versatile classic size wand also comes equipped with a body-safe silicone head, a flexible neck, a multi-use disposable texture cover, and multiple (optional) attachments targeting internal stimulation. Complete with a convenient travel case and design-forward packaging, Le Wand offers endless possibilities for pleasure.

The brand prioritized education through a series of continually updated Pleasure Guides — covering topics ranging from anatomy education, to position recommendations and detailed advice for both postpartum and post-menopausal masturbation and sex.

Le Wand Petite, the second official launch from the brand, is a line of more compact, portable versions of the popular design for those seeking a slightly smaller, but equally powerful, option.

Created by certified sex educator, Alicia Sinclair, Le Wand is designed with pleasure in mind for all bodies, encouraging and empowering (quite literally) intimacy and propounding a sex-positive lifestyle.

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